The Vlage | Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ'S)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is coliving?

Coliving is a living/housing model where a group of people share an apartment or house and share the communal areas such as kitchen, living room but have their own private bedrooms.

How can I book a coliving space?

To book for a coliving space sign in using this link and follow the prompts.

How long can I book a space?

You can book a short term stay (0-30 Days) or A long term booking (1-12 Months and above)

How do you ensure that I get a good roommate and I am safe?

We do our due diligence for all our customers. Through our matchmaking API we are able to ensure you have a suitable roommate who matches your personality, likes and dislikes.

Why do I need to pay a deposit?

Deposit is only applicable to long term customers.The deposit is used as security by the host so that they can pay for any damages or loss of household items during your stay.

How does the Vlage ensure that my roommates abide by certain rules?

All our customers MUST observe the rules and regulations as stated in the terms and conditions. In addition each host may have additional house rules which the customers need to abide by. If a customer continues to disturb roommates and a formal complaint is lodged then the customer will unfortunately be removed from the coliving space.

I have a space that I want to put up as a coliving space how can I do so?

To do so register here with your details, then upload your properties. For more information watch this video.

How do you verify customers staying at my property?

At the Vlage we conduct our due diligence for every customer. The host is also at liberty to conduct their own due diligence of the people living in their spaces.

How do I get payments from the Vlage?

We pay our hosts 3 days after booking. For long term customers the Vlage will remit the rental income on a monthly basis. More information can be found in our payment policy.

Does my property need to be insured?

Yes you need to insure your property from at least theft and fire.

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